Love Tea. Love Life.

Our Mission

Nothing brings people together like a good cup of tea. So, as our world becomes more and more digitally-driven, and our cultural traditions slowly disappear, the importance of these connections has never been greater. Our blends are made up of natural ingredients that help altar our physical, mental and spiritual energy for a well-balanced life. We want you to embark on an enlightening journey experiencing more than just tea but rather a way to be.   

Why Spiral Tea?

Ingredients ethically sourced all over the world and blended in the UK

Each 50g box contains enough to make 25-28 cups of tea

Full whole leaf loose tea

100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging

10 natural paper drawstring teabags included in each box

Nature-flex inner lining made from 100% compostable wood pulp

Our Collections:

All of the blends in our collection have their own unique taste and personality, and each one has been curated with one thing in mind: to help connect with our world at large, connect with others, and reconnect with yourself. 

EXPLORE THE COLLECTION: Embracing Cultures Through a Love For Tea

Upcoming Events:

Women's Sunday Circle - Abundance Meditation

Address: Mojo Studios, 149A Clapham High St, Clapham Town, London SW4 7SS

Date: 26th April 

European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drink Expo

Address: Olympia London

Dates: 19th & 20th May

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