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My Story

Hi! I’m Francesca. 

I was born in the UK but raised and schooled in several countries — this allowed me to connect with different cultures, peoples, and lifestyles from a young age. The idea that you can discover your true self by connecting with others was a huge inspiration for me. 


You don’t need to travel the world to see the world though. We are all divinely connected and I’ve found that something as simple as drinking a good cup of tea can immediately transport you on a journey…  as long as it makes use of authentic ingredients, techniques, and traditions. 

Fast forward to today, I am an energetic herbalist, Reiki Master & Meditation teacher inspiring to heal, explore and express my deep thoughts in the hope to open the eyes of others to collectively come together in reconnecting humanity back to a state of love, peace, purpose, and authenticity. I chose tea to be the mean that allows me to connect with others and the world at large and be able to spread a message as well as continuing to learn as I grow.


Spiral Tea was born out of my background, love of travel, curiosity for life, and passion for art and health consciousness (oh, and a chronic throat problem that led to me exploring loads of different teas from around the world as a teenager!)


We live in a wonderful world full of traditions, history and cultural differences — so let's embrace it and come together to enjoy a nice cuppa!


Why "Spiral"?

The spiral is the life force energy that connects us to everything in existence — it can suggest the beginning of a journey, it can represent growth and evolution, and it can symbolise returning to the same point with renewed understanding and insight. With all that in mind, we thought it was the perfect fit for our tea. 


There’s more to tea than just popping a teabag or tea leaves in a cup and letting them brew in hot water. The history of tea can be told over many centuries and continents, and it still flows through tea today — a good cuppa is not only an opportunity for some much-needed ‘me time’ but a chance to connect with our rich past and traditions. Our teas are here to transport you on a journey to deeply connect with yourself and with all in our existence: nature, earth, and the cosmos. 

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