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Mind, Body & Soul with Alisha Campbell 

(Founder of Eleven Beauty & Wellbeing)


Date: 30/04/2020   By: Francesca Raffa

I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Alisha Campbell, Founder of Eleven Beauty & Wellbeing, and Co-Founder of The Intention Circle. She recently left a corporate role to pursue her life purpose, living life alongside her passions: beauty and wellbeing. Alisha's aim is to create a platform that offers services aligned with her personal interests. I connected with Alisha through work, we used to work for the same corporate company, and both left in the same year. (coincidence...? I don't think so) With a shared aspiration for wellness and social connection, we created 'The Intention Circle' offering a safe space for meditation and sharing circles to bring peace and awareness to your everyday. (Due to the current global pandemic we now offer online meditation sessions.) 

Check her out on @elevenbeautyandwellbeing and @theintentioncircles

1) What does connection mean to you?

When I think of the word connection, I think of the connection between me and my higher self, the best version of myself. I can tell when I'm connected by the way I feel.. when I'm happy, joyful and appreciative, I'm connected. When I feel fear or lack then I'm temporarily disconnected. The great thing is though, I can change my thoughts to re-establish the connection with myself.


2) How do you ensure you stay connected to others, to the world at large, and more importantly with yourself?

Meditation is my number one tool to stay connected with myself, once I'm connected with myself I find connection with others and the world easier. 


3) Do you have a morning or evening ritual? (if so please share it) 

Morning rituals start before I turn my phone on. I sit to quiet my mind and meditate. After that, I'll then focus my thoughts around gratitude and appreciation for all I have and things I'm yet to receive. Then the kettle goes on!

I don't have an evening ritual yet but I think that being thankful for the day and forgiving yourself for things you didn't accomplish would be a  great way to start.

4) In your life, what plays a role in positively impacting your wellbeing? Would you consider tea to be apart of this?

The company I keep plays a big role in my wellbeing, I'm really blessed to have attracted such great uplifting people in my life. We are continually supporting and encouraging each other. My love for tea has definitely grown over the past year, I love trying different blends and flavour combinations. I watch the weekly Spiral Tea live meditation, its so therapeutic and an opportunity to learn about the cultures that inspired the tea.


5) When it comes to self-care what are some of your top tips?

Self-care is so personal to each individual so I'm not sure I'd be able to offer specific tips, I will say that doing what you love and what brings you joy is the best way to care for yourself. For me, self-care is spending time in nature, getting creative through arts and crafts, and cooking. Making alone time for myself Is really important too. Mornings or full days without technology help me to feel grounded and connected.

6) And just for fun…which is your favourite Spiral Tea blend?

My favourite spiral tea blend is Zulu Strength! It is so comforting, plus the packaging is so pretty!



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