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Mind, Body & Soul with Casey Downie-Campbell 

(Founder of Sensoryland)


Date: 08/07/2020   By: Francesca Raffa

I had the pleasure of interviewing the radiant Casey Downie-Campbell, Founder of Sensoryland. Casey explained that growing up she was always away with the fairies & couldn't quite focus in 'ordinary' learning environments. She didn't feel like she quite fit in & her uniqueness was not something she was proud of. Fast forward to 2015, her confidence had grown and she found her place in the world, so Casey accepted herself and began a journey of love. She really didn't want any other person to feel as she had done and she knew that working with children & parents was the best way to save their inner worlds as well as saving the world around us. Having come to this realisation Sensoryland was born with there mission being: "to provide a happy, fun, safe environment for local families to spend special time with their children. Through a variety of classes, both parents and children are able to learn, bond, and explore their curiosities." 

I connected with the lovely Casey through Instagram and was instantly drawn to her energy, we had a chat to prepare for a IGTV live that we were going to do and straight away her warmth felt so inviting as if I had known her my whole life. 

Check her out on &  @sensoryland


1) What does connection mean to you?

To ourselves - it's a beautiful way for us to pause from the busy every day, to observe, take note, go inside & work on ourselves. 

As a parent - connecting with their child is to slow down, listen, be present, be available & follow your gut instinct. This is what Sensory Land strives for.


2) How do you ensure you stay connected to others, to the world at large, and more importantly with yourself?

I have a daily meditation practice in both the morning & evening. At first, I wasn't sure how I would fit it into my busy life, now I wouldn't miss it for anything. To me, meditation is as important as eating. Being part of this community has helped me to make friends with other beautiful souls whom I stay in contact with online. I also have a super supportive boyfriend & group of friends, whom we are really good at staying in touch (mainly on Whatsapp)


3) Do you have a morning or evening ritual? (if so please share it) 

I like to start and end my days with guided meditations. For mornings I usually choose something that will help me to manifest a good day whereas at the end of the day the meditation will reflect how I am feeling. I love the sleep meditations on Insight timer. If it is a warm morning I sit out on the balcony with a cup of herbal tea & meditate with the sun on my face. In the evening I meditate in bed & also write a gratitude journal. 

4) In your life, what plays a role in positively impacting your wellbeing? Would you consider tea to be apart of this?

Tea is 100% a big part of my wellbeing. I strive to live a healthy life and am very cautious about what I put in or on my body. I eat a whole food plant-based diet, I drink a variety of herbals teas from morning to night including chamomile, fennel & peppermint. I also make up juices, smoothies & potions using essential oils & dried flowers. I wear crystals. Also taking as much time away from technology really helps me. On weekends I try to digital detox and spend time out in nature with my boyfriend or friends. I surround myself with positive people and keep my vibrations high. 


5) When it comes to self-care what are some of your top tips?

Run a hot bath, with rose petals & essential oils, light some candles, smudge the room & set an intention. Perhaps play some nice music. Give yourself an Abhyanga massage. Then enjoy some downtime in the bath with a good book. 

6) And just for fun…which is your favourite Spiral Tea blend?

Calm Cleopatra is on its way, I cant wait to try it! It is also the blend that calls me the most. (followed by Regal, Amazon & Detox)



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