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I had the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous Harriet Adkin, Founder of Burnt Orange City. Harriet has a passion for creativity and wellbeing, her platform offers "creative chats" with emerging artists from all over the world. She delves right in and connects with artists authentically on a much deeper level, really understanding their creative processes and how/if it affects their wellbeing. Harriet herself is an artist, creating stunning illustrations of various plants using a combination of means (pen, oil paint, watercolors). Her pieces bring a unique beauty and simplicity to plants and instantly make you feel at peace. I connected with Harriet over 7 years ago, we met whilst working in the events industry (Harriet is also an event management graduate). We had an instant connection, we both knew we had met before (past-life); We consider ourselves to be my "soul sisters."


Check her out on Instagram: @harrietadkin and @burnt_orange_city and discover artists at

Mind, Body & Soul with Harriet Adkin

(Founder of Burnt Orange City)


Date: 02/05/2020   By: Francesca Raffa

1) What does connection mean to you?

For me, connection means opening your heart, mind, and soul up to something – whether that be to another person, to an idea, a thought, or to your inner voice. It’s about being receptive and welcoming to something – but first, you must listen.  


2) How do you ensure you stay connected to others, to the world at large, and more importantly with yourself?

I’d say that I pair connection with being honest and authentic, so I try and maintain this in all of my connections including the connection I have with myself. The latter can be the hardest in some way! Meditation and journaling help me tune in with myself. 


3) Do you have a morning or evening ritual? (if so please share it) 

I usually wake up around 8 am, then (once I’ve finished faffing around on my phone), I venture to the kitchen and make a hot drink – usually hot lemon. I then roll out my yoga mat and do some stretching followed by some meditation where I set my intentions for the day. This puts me into a calm state where I feel grounded and ready to start the day!

4) In your life, what plays a role in positively impacting your wellbeing? Would you consider tea to be apart of this?

Definitely, tea, holding, and sipping a warm drink offers me a lot of comforts. Also my close relationships – I feel so grateful to have such supportive friends and family in my life who I can turn to and be completely myself with.  


5) When it comes to self-care what are some of your top tips?

For me, self-care means taking time for myself and doing things that relax me and bring warmth and comfort. I do this through creating art whilst listening to music, meditating, and curling up in bed with herbal tea. I’ve also always kept a journal next to my bed which I jot things into when I feel like I need to get stuff off of my chest. 

6) And just for fun…which is your favourite Spiral Tea blend?

Oooh tricky … but I would have to say Detox Guru. I love the combination of flavours especially the cardamom and rose petals. I have at least one cup of this every day and try and drink it slowly to savour every sip! The runner up would be Siam Immunity. 



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