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Mind, Body & Soul with Lavinia Stopponi

(Founder of Lavi Spiritual Guide)


Date: 21/10/2020   By: Francesca Raffa

I had the pleasure of interviewing the empowering Lavinia Stopponi Founder of Lavi Spiritual Guide. Lavinia has recently unleashed her inner goddess and found her true calling in life. She is a Spiritual Guide, a guide to everyone; she helps people look within themselves for answers in order to achieve the unachievable. She is Dyslexic, a mother, and had suffered from mental breakdowns, PPD and anxiety, she has been where you may be at right now and knows what it feels like. She now is here to give back in the best way she can, to help empower others to succeed in life and change the way you see your tomorrow. She will help you focus on finding your true blockages, ways in which to resolve these issues, and work together to find a healthy life routine to reach your goals and dreams. 


I connected with Lavinia through a mutual energetic 'cord-cutting' event where we instantly bonded, what with both of us being Cancerians and empaths we had a lot in common. Lavinia is so warm-hearted, supportive, and always has your best interests at heart - she wants to see you thrive and be your best 'you.' 

Check her out on @lavispiritualguide │ Lavi Spiritual Guide  │

1) What does connection mean to you?

Connection is something I struggled with growing up and which I had some difficulties as a young adult too, due to moving countries every two to four years. Maybe that is why ‘Connection’ is extremely important to me now because I managed to master or at least work on my connection, to myself, to others, and to nature. It means that if you are connected to all these three, you have the power to truly be and do whatever you put your mind to it. For me, connection goes hand in hand with balance, inner balance. It is crucial for me to maintain these connections so that I can be my true self and unleash my true potential.


2) How do you ensure you stay connected to others, to the world at large, and more importantly with yourself?

In order to stay connected to others, I tend to keep in touch with my friends and family as much as I can as well as provide help to people who need it the most.


To myself, I make sure I practice gratefulness daily, pamper myself at least once a day/week, journal, and/or meditate.


And lastly, but definitely not least, with nature: I go for walks, meditate in the open when I can, and respect it when I go out. If the weather is not nice just by opening my window and taking a few breaths of fresh air while I focus on how nature plays with the wind.


3) Do you have a morning or evening ritual? (if so please share it) 

My morning routines vary due to my little toddler but in my mind, I always practice gratefulness, I list in my head or out loud all the things I am grateful for. I never skip breakfast anymore and always make sure I have a cuddle with my baby boy to recharge our batteries.


Evening routines are calmer and have time for myself therefore they vary depending on my mood that day or what my body and mind needs. I meditate, practice yoga, drink some tea in bed, listen to my audiobooks, journal, and do the mirror effect exercise. I call it that way because I sit in front of a mirror and I list all the things I like and love about myself in order to boost my self-esteem.

4) In your life, what plays a role in positively impacting your wellbeing? Would you consider tea to be apart of this?


A timeout in nature is absolutely my favourite thing to do that positively impacts my wellbeing. Even just 5 minutes can quickly and efficiently change my mood and clear my dark thoughts. I need time alone to recharge my energies and make sure I cleanse myself from all the unwanted feelings and thoughts I may have accumulated during the day. If I am not able to go outside, alone in my room with my salt lamp on, a scented candle and some meditation music does the trick too.


I have to say I wasn’t a tea drinker being Italian and all but since I undertook my spiritual journey, I have been drinking tea daily and I can say it positively impacts my wellbeing too! A hot cup of tea before bed is a must now. It is not only beneficial for your body and mind but deeply warms and heals your soul.


5) When it comes to self-care what are some of your top tips?

Meditation is my first as it truly digs in deeper to your emotions and helps you find a quick solution to your problems. I always feel lighter after meditating even for just a quick 5-minute sit and breathe meditation can drastically change my day in the better.


I drink loads of water; this is not only beneficial to your body but it is really important if you want to keep a high vibration as water helps your spirit too.


I take salt baths to clear my aura and cleanse my spirit. After a warm bath with only sea salt, it really does boost my mood.


Exercising a few times a week makes me feel good about myself, boosts my mood, and makes me sleep better at night.


And lastly, going to bed early has revolutionised my life! Thanks to technology my apple watch and phone have helped me snooze from using my phone and have been going to bed at 10:30 every night which makes my mornings so much sweeter. 

6) And just for fun…which is your favourite Spiral Tea blend?

I have to say that choosing what to drink from the Spiral Tea collection is always so tough because I would choose all of them! Honestly! But I am definitely going to say: Calm Cleopatra and Detox Guru would be my top two as they will definitely help with my morning and evening routines.



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