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My Story


Born in the UK, but raised in several different countries, my International schooling exposed me to others from all over the world. Embracing and accepting diverse cultural differences became normality. I aspired to travelling, exploring and experiencing diversity whilst studying contemporary jewellery which inspired my concept of design, use of colour and textures.

Throughout my teens I had throat and larynx health issues, which led to the frequent loss of voice and pain from inflamed tonsils. In China I discovered the wide variety of teas and their healing benefits, sparking my thirst to explore the incredible remedies and well being drinking Tea has to offer.

Over the years I developed the desire to share my experiences, so combining my multi-cultural background, passion for art and health consciousness, Spiral Tea was created. My tea blends aim to inspire others to taste different cultures, experience their health benefits and to raise awareness to explore, understand and reconnect to the world through drinking tea. 


Oh what a wonderful world we live in, full of traditions, history and cultural differences, let's embrace it and all come together to enjoy a nice cuppa!


Founder & Director

Francesca Raffa

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