Tea Moments Gift Box

Tea is a moment to be enjoyed with grace, awareness and mindfulness.


This box set has everything you need to create your own tea moment, a time to sit in reflection and in connection. Awakening your senses and giving you a moment of pure serenity... 


Whats included:


- Spiral Tea blend of your choice

- x2 surprise sample tea sachets

- Ceramic tea bowl

- Handmade incense holder

- x4 surprise scent incense sticks

- Reiki charged Selenite wand


Selenite Healing Powers:

  • Cleanses your space
  • Facilitates spiritual activation & awakening
  • Encourages and activates communication with your higher-self
  • Clears stagnant and blocked energies
  • Facilitates healing and auric cleansing 
  • Clarity of thought 
  • Universal love


Tea Moments Gift Box

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