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What is Reiki Usui?

Reiki pronounced Rey-Key, is made of two Japanese words - 'Rei' which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and 'Ki' which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."It is a Japanese healing system developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk who dedicated his life to spirituality. 

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can receive. When connected to this loving energy via a reiki treatment it flows through you and activates your body's innate ability to heal itself and rebalance. Reiki helps clear energy blockages throughout your body's energy systems (chakras) to allow your life-force to flow freely.


It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. There are no contraindications for Reiki so this treatment is suitable for everyone including pregnant women, children, babies, and even pets. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reiki Usui Benefits?

There are many wonderful benefits of Reiki, it is a very simple process but usually produces quite profound effects. The main purpose of a reiki treatment is not only to support the physical body, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. 

Benefits from a Reiki treatment include:

-Anxiety Relief

-Stress Relief

-Pain Relief


-Deep relaxation


-Post-surgery healing

-Low self-esteem

-Promotes harmony & balance

-Grounded & Centred  

-Clears energy blockages and promotes natural balance between mind, body, and spirit

-Assists the body cleanse of toxins

-Helps spiritual growth 

What happens during a treatment?

During a treatment, you will only require to take off your shoes and lay down on a couch or sit on a chair depending on what you prefer. All you need to do is feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible with your eyes gently closed. I will connect to the Reiki energy and allow it to flow through your body working through each of your 7 energy systems (your chakras) starting from the crown (top of your head) to your root (base of the spine). You may feel certain sensations throughout the treatment some people experience heat in certain areas or cold. Others experience tingling sensations like light pins and needles, you may also feel floaty or heavy and grounded. Feelings differ from person to person but you do not need to worry, you may even fall asleep from feeling deeply relaxed which is absolutely fine as well. 

What are the results?

Results vary from client to client, it is a very personal experience. However, most clients feel some relief after just one session, others may need several sessions for the Reiki energy to do its work and to see improvement for deeper issues.  Some clients just enjoy the relaxing and calming effects of a reiki treatment that they book regular sessions for maintaining their overall wellbeing.

Reiki & Distant Reiki Treatments:

I currently offer Reiki treatment sessions for 30 minutes and 60 minutes. They take place at my home in Kingston, but I also conduct distant Reiki treatments that are just as effective and if not, even more, relaxing in the comfort of your own home. At the end of the session, I will provide you feedback on what came up during your session, areas for you to focus on, and some further guidance. 

Reiki Session Fees:


30 minute Face to Face Reiki Treatment - £45.00

60 minute Face to Face Reiki Treatment - £80.00

Distant Reiki Sessions:

30 minute Distant Reiki Treatment - £35.00

Save! Book 4 sessions for £120

60 minute Distant Reiki Treatment - £60.00

Save! Book 4 sessions for £220


Distance Reiki

30 minute session: £35.00

60 minute session: £60.00


Reiki Treatment

*Due to COVID-19 only distant reiki treatments are available 

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