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Have Tea the Mindful Way: Awaken Your Senses

Date: 29/04/2020   By: Francesca Raffa


Tea and herbal infusions play a major role in positively impacting our wellbeing, effectively benefitting all areas of our mind, body and soul. As the founder of a new brand “Spiral Tea”, I find that tea provides peace, serenity, and connection to a busy lifestyle. In this post I will be sharing my 10-step tea ritual with the hope to bring calm to your every day.


For many of us, tea offers a time-out from our daily tasks and revitalises us with its relevant array of health benefits. However, tea is also sacred: within tea is knowledge, culture, and tradition. Made up of natural ingredients sourced from around the world, tea acts as our gateway to connecting with mother earth, each other, and more importantly ourselves.


Being connected is extremely important in our lives, but it is often undervalued. It allows us to feel a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. When we are connected to ourselves, we gain insight, understanding, and clear direction. When we are connected to others, this brings love, compassion, and empathy. Connecting with the world at large gives us knowledge, wisdom, and appreciation. I believe that we are all connected subconsciously but in order to consciously feel connected, we need to become fully present. 


The art of making a cup or pot of tea is greatly overlooked. Tea invites us to awaken all of our senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; allowing us to become fully present. It is in the preparation (ritual) of making and enjoying a cup of tea where you can experience the beauty of its benefits. Here are my 10 simple steps for mindful tea drinking that can be done in the comfort of your own home. 


What is required? 


  • Loose leaf tea (recommended for this tea ritual) (2g / 1 ½ teaspoon)

  • One teapot

  • One cup


10-Step Mindful Tea Ritual:

1. Begin by pouring boiling water into the teapot…listen to the sound of the water as it folds in on itself.

2. Watch the steam spiral upwards and expand outwards as it disappears into empty space.

3. Look closely as the leaves swirl and rise to the top, falling one by one as they infuse into the water to form different shapes and patterns. 

4. Observe the colour of the water as it begins to change and darken.

5. As the tea brews, now is the perfect time to reflect on the things you are grateful for and to form an intention for your tea ritual. 

6. Hold your cup and pour in the tea slowly, feel the warmth on each of your fingertips as the cup begins to fill. 

7. Take in a deep breath and inhale the aromas of the tea, is it citrusy…fruity…earthy? Does the smell trigger any thoughts or memories?

8. Now, take a sip. What flavours can you taste? Do the flavours transport you anywhere? Really savour the flavour.

9. Feel the warmth of the tea as it slowly descends down your throat, activating your throat chakra … traveling down into your heart centre, activating your heart chakra … and settling in your stomach, activating your solar plexus chakra. Where did you feel the most warmth in your body? 

10.Sit with this feeling, listen to your inner voice as you completely relax and let go. How do you feel? Do you feel fully present? This is an ideal moment to check in with yourself and breathe. 



The everyday act of making a cup of tea could be considered a form of meditation. During a meditation practise, having a main focus (which in this case, is tea) can really help to ground you and awaken your senses in order to reach a meditative state. I hope that by incorporating this tea ritual into your daily life you will begin to notice a sense of stillness and feel more connected to yourself. 


With the help of Spiral Tea blends, take your first step towards living mindfully and let your inner-self guide you on your journey. Join me on Instagram @spiral_tea and explore the ‘Embracing Cultures’ Collection at

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